My Pension Manager is an administration service specialising in
age pension applications and dealing with Centrelink.

We manage your pension application and concession card application from start to finish
taking the stress out of the Centrelink claim process.

Our Centrelink nominee service allows us to keep your record up to date
to ensure you’re receiving the correct pension rate.

We identify what payments you may be eligible for
and then assist you in the application process.

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Age Pension application help

My Pension Manager will:

  • Explain how to apply for an age pension.
  • Fill out all of the age pension application paperwork for you, including any additional forms that may be required.
  • We’ll take the confusion out of the age pension application forms, we can explain in simple terminology what the questions mean to you.
  • Explain how the age pension asset test and income test works so that everything makes sense.
  • Inform you of the thresholds to obtain the maximum rate of pension, part pension rates and the pension cutoff limits.
  • If eligible, we’ll ensure that you receive the Pensioner Concession Card so that you receive discounts on pharmaceuticals, utility bills along with concessions on council rates, cheaper car registration and reduced prices on public transport.
  • Provide you with the information to get your pension application right. My Pension Manager helps you provide Centrelink with everything they need to assess your pension application correctly. Correct information ensures you can get your maximum age pension entitlement without incurring a Centrelink debt.
  • Save you time and frustration. We can deal with Centrelink for you. As your Centrelink nominee, we can call Centrelink about your pension application on your behalf. No more long waits on the phone or in a Centrelink office.
  • Always be happy to assist. All our age pension consultants want to help you with your pension application. We do this work because we like helping our customers with their pension applications.

Concession Card applications

My Pension Manager will:

  • Provide you with help filling in the concession card application forms. We’ll explain the forms and complete them for you.
  • Manage your concession card application from start to finish.
  • Explain the difference between a Pensioner Concession Card, Low Income Health Care Card and a Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.
  • Explain how the concession cards are assessed by Centrelink and eligibility criteria.
  • Help you get the most out of your concession card by explaining what discounts you may be eligible for.

Save you time and frustration. we can respond to any Centrelink concession card review forms on your behalf by acting as your nominee.

Don’t want to deal with Centrelink again?

My Pension Manager can help. Our nominee service means you don’t have to deal with Centrelink to update your age pension details.

This service is also perfect for those of you with parents or grandparents who you are helping or are acting on their behalf as a Power of Attorney.

My Pension Manager will:

  • Receive all Centrelink correspondence on your behalf.
  • Update Centrelink with changes to your income and assets to ensure you are always getting your maximum age pension entitlement and don’t accrue a Centrelink debt.
  • Provide you with the latest pension rate charts so that you are aware of increases to the age pension rates and changes to the income and asset test thresholds.
  • Inform you of any changes to legislation that could affect your rate of payment.
  • Explain the reporting requirements and when notification of change in circumstances will apply.

How can you use our service?

We service clients Australia wide. Our office is located in South East Victoria.

We offer face to face consultations at our office in Beaconsfield, Victoria.

For interstate clients we offer phone and video conferencing.

Our Mission

To help you achieve your dream retirement.